The intelligent planning app

Our artificial intelligence creates a sales forecast, taking into account weather, holidays and other factors, to manage returns and increase sales.

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We help you to plan intelligently

With the software you get reliable forecasts of sales figures for the coming week. Based on your experience, the buying behaviour of your customers and other influencing factors.

Sales planning per App is your easy to use smartphone and tablet app. With its help you can now easily plan your goods usage for the next few days.


Seamless integration

The program is connected to your POS system and keeps track of the sales figures of each individual product. Our forecasts are automatically exported to your merchandise management system.



Local weather
School holidays
Adapts to trends
Specific to each location/branch
Configurable destination returns
Fully automatable

Künstliche Intelligenz

Artificial intelligence - how works learns which factors influence your sales and how, and thus creates accurate sales forecasts - up to seven days in advance.


For this purpose we combine the sales figures of the last years with weather data, holidays and other public data. The longer you use the system, the more accurate and reliable the forecasts it delivers.


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